Hello World

WordPress has decided “Hello World” will be the title of my first posting.

I have a conflicted stance on technology. I hate it in theory. Probably because in all the movies and comic books I digested as a kid the robots and viruses ran amok. But if it wasn’t for technology I wouldn’t have been able to watch or read those same stories. And so now after years of quipping, “you can read it on my blog.” You can now read witty comments such as that on my blog.

Think of this as a teaser preview. I am currently working on a website to feature my writing. On this proposed site you will be able to read short stories, novels, and screenplays from yours truly.

I realize this is a narcissistic endeavor. I truly thought by now others would be championing my own work and I could be taking the Bob Dylan route of being disgusted by how everyone views me as a genius, but that’s not the world fate has created for me.  No, fate has given me a world where I’ve had to accept when I put that pen to paper, I’m hoping someone will read those words. And hopefully this is what you are doing now.  Please feel free to post and comment. 

Thank you and God Bless!


4 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Dave,
    i see you added some more blog entries. Where are your longer short stories?
    I think its amusing that the first couple of entries you have on here have to do with the dilemmas you (and we) where most concerned with in high school, the hi tech computer world and the the food we should eat, how we should really live. I guess I am still there (with my basic concerns of the time) as well but it seems like we’ve tested the waters in different direction and have been lead by what we valued most at particular times due to our circumstances only to discover that we aren’t really there just yet to answer the larger questions, the grandeur mission is still unaccomplished because we are still talking in theory and not really living it. A real balance is not yet achieved and some of our uneasiness with society’s norm is totally valid. Is there ever an answer? I sense that we are getting to the point where we can forget about our current life reality and jump into a completely different one to see if that is the answer or closer to it. Anyways, I do feel at this point that you might as well try something that is totally different if it is something that your whole life you’ve been wondering and fantasizing about.

    no fear! [bumper sticker here]

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