Over the Counterculture

I went in my first medical marijuana store, “The Farmacy”. It’s located on Abbot-Kinney Boulevard in Venice right next to high brow galleries and fancy restaurants. As I entered the security guard greeted me with “Are you a patient?” 

I told him I was just there to look around. To be a patient and to actually buy decriminalized marijuana I would have to go to a doctor and tell him I have trouble sleeping or eating or suffer from anxiety. The doctor would write me a prescription and I could then buy strains with names like “OG-Kush”, “Purple Urkle” or “Grape Ape”. 

This store wasn’t hippy-dippy. They’d done their market research. This was a Whole Foods for upscale stoners. Their customers  park their Prius out front and listen to KCRW while taking hits from their bong on their way to yoga class. 

The Farmacy had  thirty one flavors of marijuana ice cream and a staff of “specialists” behind the counter to advise you on what type of weed can help cure your ailments. “Dude, you have trouble concentrating? Take a hit of Jedi and put on disc 2 of Lord of the Rings special edition.”

I get that people like being high, but don’t places like the Farmacy take the fun out of it? When I was a youngster I think most of the attraction of marijuana was the risk and danger inherent in partaking of it. Where can we smoke and not get caught? Oh no, adults! I have to act normal.

Once I had my own place and no longer had to worry about adults because I was one, weed lost much of it’s appeal and romanticism.

Now that I’ve admitted I’m an adult, I’ve got to worry about the youth of America. With weed losing it’s outlaw status, how will teens rebel? Cocaine? Heroin? Whipped cream wrestling?

 Stoners of the world, if you really love your drug of choice and want to see future generations enjoy it as much as you do, there’s only one stance you can have… Illegalize pot!

One thought on “Over the Counterculture

  1. Do you mean illegalize it in L.A? CA? USA? Global Lawgiver?

    I personally love that it’s now becoming uncool (as you well described in your post) so that it can be what it is rather than being run through the mill of the media culture factory. Teenagers will always find ways to rebel. Like eating red meat and abstaining from sex.

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