Who is Pablo Chiste?

Your name is David Rolland. So why is your site named after Pablo Chiste?

I have been asked this question by thousands of readers since I put up this site.

The pseudonym is a time honored tradition. Mark Twain, O. Henry, Dick Butkus. But the reason for not putting my name on this site has more in common with the cases of David Bowie and the star of Beetlejuice. David Bowie’s real name is David Jones, but that was also the name of a Monkee. Michael Keaton was cursed with the name Michael Douglas and so his family did not get the honor of seeing their name on screen during the credits of The Dream Team.

I too must live in the shadow of another. The domain name www.davidrolland.com is taken. He is a French choreographer who means business. He challenged me to a dance off which I lost, forfeiting my right to using my name or even coming up with a site called www.therealdavidrolland.com.  And thus the legend of Pablo Chiste was born.

But that is not quite true. Pablo Chiste has been around longer than that. I used the name Pablo Chiste when I was bored in an office job and would go on-line to message boards to stir up trouble. It gave me great empathy toward the pain of Hispanics when I was called a beaner and wetback.  

But Pablo Chiste was born even before that. He is one of my favorite characters. He is in his fifties suffering  perpetual existential crises. He enjoys mangos, beautiful women, and long swims in the ocean. I am worried that I might one day become him because according to the best selling book, The Secret, if you write something down it comes true.

Next week you shall meet Mr. Chiste in a story I wrote in the last century. Be kind to him, for he is very sensitive.


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