Jared Leto, I Want To Thank You For Everything

Numbers have always fascinated me. Not enough to enjoy calculus or higher mahematics of any sort. I wouldn’t attempt to calculate pi to the twentyseventh digit when I was trying to fall asleep. It was more lists and statistics that had my passion. As a youngster I’d go over the box scores in the Miami Herald and try to figure out how many more points Glen Rice would need to score in the next game to go from seventh in the NBA in scoring average to sixth. When I became addicted to gambling… I mean trading stocks, I found myself enjoying calculating how many dollars I’d get if I sold so many shares of a company. WordPress has helped to remind me of this weird affectation I have for numbers. I can check how many viewers I have on this site each day and which postings are the most popular.

Sunday night I posted Friday Night’s All Right to Bike. I thought it was an amusing piece, but did little to hype it. Within hours of putting it up, though there was a sharp spike in attendance on this site. Within 24 hours it became the most popular post in the two months of Searching For A Perfect Pun‘s existence.  This forced a  close examination of the numbers and information available to me including what search engine terms are leading people here. A hundred readers found me by typing the words “Jared Leto” into a little box. (I’d also mentioned Tom Cruise in the same article, but it appears his followers aren’t as fond of the internet.)

And so I must thank Jared Leto. You might have been the worst thing about Fight Club, but your brilliance has inspired people to constantly find new things out about you. I feel now we will always be linked and will feel a warm tingling in my stomach if I ever see that movie where you kill John Lennon.

But do not worry faithful readers I will not pull a Kathy Griffin. Unlike that episode of Seinfeld where she made her career out of a one woman show trashing Jerry, I will not stoop so low for a little publicity. Unless he reenters my life this will be the last time you can read about Mr. Leto.

Next week I will be focusing on Megan Fox.


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