Decade of the Hipster

Sometimes it takes distance to make sense of an era.

Our decade is two months from being over and yet still we have not come up with an adequate name for it. Is it the zeros or the ohs? Perhaps VH1 will answer this question for us when they air  I Love the (whatever this past decade was called). At least I can sleep better at night now realizing who personifies our decade.

Just as the sixties had the Hippies, the seventies had the Preppies. The eighties gave us Yuppies, while the nineties gave us Slackers. Our dear decade brought us the Hipster. Although all of these groups were derided in their time I would say only the Yuppie and the Hipster are mentioned with such utter bile.

I lived for much of this decade in San Francisco and Hollywood (if New York is Ground Zero for this subculture, then LA and SF would be Ground One and Ground Two), yet I’ve never met someone who would describe themselves as a Hipster. So who are these people and how did they hijack the past ten years?

vmales_akutcherAs evidenced here the Hipster is a direct descendant of the Slacker.  The Hipster, like the Slacker, wants to appear as though he didn’t put too much concern into his appearance. But  the Hipster also leaves subtle hints that all he thinks about are appearance. Ironic facial hair patterns, worn out looking clothes from designer labels,  and sunglasses at night all require effort and foresight.


The Hipster can be jolly. They have a wide range of moods. Intoxicated. Self-Absorbed. Self-satisfied. Hungover. Hipsters got older as the decade progressed and are now looking to pair up and mate and have children named Apple or Axl or Zooey.

The Hipster is not a creature of deep thought. It is concerned with the here and now. Consequences is a foreign word to these beings. Thus under these definitions let me introduce you to a man who embodies our hedonistic and really dumb decade, your Hipster in Chief and mine… George W. Bush.



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