Criticizing a Critic: The Epilogue

I wanted a bang, but this ends with a whimper. My father did the best play by play of my correspondence with LA Weekly film critic, Scott Foundas. He warned me, “Watch out, you’re going to get sued if you keep bullying this guy.” Then when he read what I posted he changed his perspective. “You were actually pretty civil. Maybe you should grab a cup of coffee with him. He seems to have a lot of contacts in the film industry.”

I’m not half the provocateur I thought.

I did receive another e-mail from Mr. Foundas, but he was actually quite nice in it. I will not publish it as there was nothing condescending or self-inflating to it. He did not address any of my more detailed criticisms. Instead he earnestly gave me information about his job and how to apply for it and shared that he also graduated from a Florida high school in 1996. Maybe my only problem with his writing is he does not have enough of a sense of humor.

But things have come full circle. I received my first outright negative comment on this site. This is a big step as it is no longer just friends and loved ones reading this site. A person going by the name of LEAVES commented, “This is one of the most embarrassingly infantile and narrow-minded ‘criticisms’ I have had the displeasure to read. You should be ashamed.” I have e-mailed this critic of the critic of the critic back. Perhaps somewhere out there in cyberspace it has been reposted  and the readers of this LEAVES character are mocking me. One can only dare to dream.


One thought on “Criticizing a Critic: The Epilogue

  1. oh don’t be fooled. I’m guessing Scott started to be civil because the posting was having an impact or someone told him how idiotic his reaction was. While he does have an impressive knowledge of cinema history, Scott’s real talent has been as a relentless brown-noser. This ambition often skews his verbose opinions. From USC to Variety to Cannes to New York and most recently, “Clint”, Scott has shown a systematic and ruthless ability to climb the ladder and place himself in the center spotlight. It’s a behavior that has earned him the nickname “Eve Harrington”. Stand by your first impression. It’s the first accurate portrayal of Scott I’ve ever seen.

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