Muckraking a Muckraker

Pedro Moncrief was visiting for a bloggers conference. Pedro recently formed the Lonerboner website and was in Los Angeles meeting with advertisers to sell product on his site. Between dodging floozies throwing themselves at us at various local bars we engaged in a philosophical debate. His site was pretty new and (in spite of its name)  without any pornographic content was drawing many more views than Pablo Chiste. In his eyes this was because he went after obscure figures in the advertising world and trashed them mercilessly.

“You’ve got to start muckraking, bro. That’s where the money’s at. When did you start seeing a spike in hits?”

“When I criticized Scott Foundas and I started posting his angry e-mails.”

“Exactly. This is what the people want. We are the gladiators. They are the emperors. If we don’t get a thumbs up, they send the lions on us. And the only way to get the thumbs up is to fight dirty.”

Then to rub in his point and his new found success he requested bottle service from the cocktail waitress. I drank his alcohol, but not what the pundits call, “his Kool-aid”.

I’d already been approached by advertisers to put links on this site. I’d make 90 cents a hit if anyone clicked to the sponsored link. But would an extra few bucks be worth having obnoxious dating site ads in the corner? I’d never forgive myself if someone got trapped in a dead end relationship because of  Searching for the Perfect Pun.

I’d also never forgive myself if this site descended towards the lowest common denominator. If local news affiliates are willing to lead their broadcasts with homicides and car chases rather than issues which really affect the community, who’s to say I would be strong enough to avoid posting naked pictures of Tiger Woods’ mistress in exchange for a few extra advertising dollars?

You might be able to let it rain, Pedro Moncrief, with your fancy clothes and upgraded rental cars, but I’ve still got my integrity.

Although I suppose this was a negative post towards him. Maybe I should rethink that offer from the advertising syndicate.

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