The Big Lebowski Part 2

Forgive me, the movie Crazy Heart does not show the continuing adventures of The Dude. It was easy to confuse this adaptation of a Thomas Cobb novel for a sequel of the Coen Brothers classic. The film’s opening scene shows a bearded, overweight Jeff Bridges walking out of his truck  into a bowling alley. Further “coincidences” follow. There’s Jeff Bridges driving into a one car accident, smoking pot, passing out in front of a toilet, having an affair with a younger, more attractive woman, a character named Jesus, and lots and lots of drinking. This time the alcoholism isn’t played for laughs, however.

Bridges plays Bad Blake, a former country music star who’s driving his truck from one sad sack western venue to another.   Bad Blake will do anything for a swig of whiskey, but the man sure can rock. In spite of sweat stains in his armpits, he’s able to seduce the hottest fiftysomething groupies this side of the Mississippi. When he pours on the charm he can even nab Maggie Gyllenhaal.

But there are lessons Bad Blake needs to learn along the way. Deeper stuff than reclaiming a rug that really tied the room together. He needs to learn to stop drinking. Not for the hot younger chick. But for himself.

The movie does everything it can to slide into mediocrity including throwing Colin Farrell into the mix. But the Dude will not abide.

Just like Mickey Rourke refused to let the Wrestler fall into a middling, melodramatic former champ on the rocks flick, Bridges throws his inner Lebowski on to the tracks stopping what should be a honkeytonk Lifetime movie of the week train wreck. If  a lesser actor played Blake, Crazy Heart could have easily been an Alcoholics Anonymous public service announcement. But with The Dude back in action playing some great music no less, it becomes a must see film.


6 thoughts on “The Big Lebowski Part 2

  1. How’s about the Netflix description of “Cutter’s Way”

    Burned-out beach-bum Richard Bone (Jeff Bridges) and his best friend, disfigured Vietnam veteran Alex Cutter (John Heard), stumble on a murder cover-up involving a powerful landowner in this brooding crime thriller.

    Explosive Vietnam Vet? Check. Venice bum? Check. Weirdly they’re buddies, though it’s never explained? Check.

    To make Big Lebowski II, they need to either cast Matthew Modine or Kevin Costner, as some relation to The Dude…

  2. Worst review ever. I’d say that you don’t like anything, but then you loved the worst film the Coen Brothers ever made, A SERIOUS MAN.

    CRAZY HEART is one of my favorite films of the year. It’s an effortlessly directed first feature with an outstanding performance by Jeff Bridges. You can’t take your eyes off of him in this film. And Colin Farrell is surprisingly good. An odd casting choice in my eyes, but a good one.

    I would have seen CRAZY HEART a second time a week later had I not had other plans. It’s that good.

    Pablo’s got this one WAY wrong. But then again, he doesn’t like Michael Mann’s HEAT.

    • Bulldozer, thanks for taking time off from the construction site. If you reread my review you’ll see in the last line I say Crazy Heart (because of Jeff Bridges and the music) is a must see film.
      But I stand my ground on Heat. I watched all three hours of that stinker without one mention of Pat Riley or Dwyane Wade.

  3. Dead on with this review. Bridges makes it seem so effortless. If actually reminded me of Nick Nolte’s character in North Dallas Forty. Broken and in auto survival mode.

    Colin Farrel I just don’t like. The one exception is “In Bruges”. I get the idea that’s who he is really like. Not this hollywoodized glamour-bad boy that Joel Schumacher mentored. BUT, it makes sense that he is perfect for this role. Its what country music really has sunk to if you follow that stuff.

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