A New Year’s Prayer

Are you disappointed that people aren’t making a big enough deal about the end of a decade? Does your life feel stagnant and you want some new marker to signify the end of an era and the beginning of another? Are you looking for wisdom beyond Dick Clark’s stuttering?

Then as the New Year comes upon us join me as I look into the past. Into the wise, forgotten words of the great Franciscan monk, Donatello D’Afetti. In a candlelit room he scribed into parchment beliefs that wouldn’t just resonate in the year 1559, but also in 2009. His thoughts are translated from Latin into modern day vernacular, so you might find inspiration.

As the light turns to dusk

and wax  into ash

My thoughts go toward my robe.

It is time to get it dry cleaned.

But what is the point

when the odor

from the day old soup

in my beard

will make it smell anew?

And since I have made

a vow of chastity

none of the fairer sex

will come within a fortnight’s distance?

But if I sit here

in my own filth

what will I accomplish?

For is not cleanliness

next to Godliness.

So yes,

I shall clean my robe.

For with every new beginning

comes new hope.

A chance to learn

from your mistakes

and pretend that your underarms

do not smell

like the devil’s breath.

I hope you were as moved as I was. So with that I, along with Brother Dontalleo D’Afetti, and the rest of the nonexistent gang at Pablochiste.wordpress.com wish you a Happy New Year and a good night.


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