Warning- A Short Story

By David Rolland

I was sitting on a lawn chair when a very pretty tree, decorated with orange and pink flowers, captured my imagination. The convenient placement of the tree between two townhouses raised several questions.

“Wonder no longer, young friend!” said a flowery voice coming from the tree’s direction. “Because I shall answer all and any questions concerning me. Years ago this land was all growth and no development. Flora and fauna of all types owned this land. Many peaceful years passed without any  changes. Until a day came when real estate investors decided to claim this land as their own. They knew the nearby town was swelling with shelter hungry people, so they felt this acreage would be a prime location for low rent housing.

“It being the middle of January, not a single tree wore a leaf, nor were any animals in sight. The evil investors had no idea of the beauty they would demolish for the sake of grotesque architecture. Was there any way I could save my neighborhood?  I realized what had to be done.  Though we were trapped in the harshest winter I have experienced, somehow I would find a way to bloom. Days and days  passed but my reserve energy could not harness a single leaf or flower on my branches. I used yoga, meditation, even an all sea food diet. Nothing helped me escape from the realities of nature.

“Finally the darkest day arrived. A construction crew armed with bulldozers and chainsaws came to clear the land. Before working, the hardhats gathered around my trunk. During the night’s slumber my leaves had bloomed! They refused to destroy me, the miracle tree. However, the miracle did not stop them from tearing down the rest of the trees or from building an unnecessary set of townhouses around me.

“But don’t you cry for me, Argentina. For one day the orphaned trees of the world will unite. Then only you and a few other enlightened humans will survive to serve as jesters and to supply us with tasty fertilizer.”

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