I’ll Call You In The Morning

When you’re sick, everyone’s a doctor. You mention you have a cold and everyone knows the cure.

Russian swim coach Vlad tells me, “You have potato at home?”


“Boil potato in water. Take off lid. Don’t let steam burn you. Put towel over head and soak all up.” He makes a motion with his hands of all the potato vapor coming up to his face. “Everything come out.”

“And then what do you do with the potato?”

“You can eat. Tomorrow come to YMCA. Six in the morning.”


“I have special spray from plant how you call it?”

“Aloe? Echinacea? Eucalyptus?”

“Yes. That one. You spray everything good.”

“I think sleep might be better for me than the spray.”

“Yes, sleep. Before you sleep. Drink cup vodka with salt.”

“No with pepper.” chimes in a fifteen year old Russian swimmer. “You drink the vodka with pepper and you get better.”

“Vodka with salt and pepper.  Breathe  potato and tomorrow 6 am I hit you with spray. Your mother never tell you this?’


One thought on “I’ll Call You In The Morning

  1. This is SO TRUE!! I am Russian, moved to the States when I was 12 and go back every year for a month to visit rest of my family, and POTATO STEAM works!!! It saw me through many colds, flus and upper respiratory diseases while in cold weather of Russia and here (throat is my weakest point when it comes to getting sick). And I also swim!! Awesome blog. 🙂

    I like!

    Ania Maslova

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