R.I.P. Cow Cow

It’s been written that the hardest part about taking home a kitten is that one day she’ll die in your arms a cat. Was it really 1994 when my brother brought home a tiny kitten that couldn’t stand without shaking? He named her Cow Cow because with her black and white spots he figured she looked like a cow. I tried to give her a more dignified name but it never stuck. Cow Cow it was.

It was a cold for Miami October night when we first bonded. I was sleeping when I felt something in my blanket. It was Cow Cow looking for warmth. (You don’t know how desperately I wanted to add that was my first night sharing a bed with a pussy, but out of respect for the deceased I’ll stop myself.) 

I felt bad for her trapped in the apartment all the time. I ‘d take her outside to the beach where she stared at the waves with fear and awe. Then she would chase after a seagull to no avail.  One time she ran off and for the life of me I could not find her. Eventually she was found snuggled in the engine of a car. We grabbed her and her fate was sealed as an indoor cat.

I had just become a vegetarian when she entered my life. I had hopes of manipulating nature and making her a vegan cat. But she was a hunter and would tease and belittle the lizards she found. Leaving them with a fragment of life so she could continue to have someone to maim. I’d chastise her and blame the cruelty on her loneliness.

The years passed. She was a comforting fixture when my brother, sister, or I would come home. But cats are not statues, so it was inevitable that I got the call from my teary Mom on Saturday night. Cow Cow had stopped eating. The vet said she was in a lot of pain and that’s how life sometimes ends.

Goodbye Cow Cow. May the afterlife be filled with catnip.


4 thoughts on “R.I.P. Cow Cow

  1. Though I never got to meet CowCow personally, I knew her by reputation. I love this last pic especially – she’s got no time for fools, that one. RIP CowCow, pussy extraordinaire.

  2. Sorry for your loss, Pablo. I lost two of my feline friends of 16 years a few years ago. It was very rough.
    They have yet to be replaced. Pomeranians just don’t fill the cat void for me. They’re too needy and you still have to pick up their poop.

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