100th Posting Extravaganza

And they said it wouldn’t last. Yes, I’m looking at you, Pedro Moncrief in New York City, and all the other doubters who didn’t think I’d have enough to say to take up 100 postings in cyberspace. I can filibuster with the worst of them and ramble on for pages  giving you a momentary respite from boring office jobs.

For this momentous occasion I’m going to take a cue from all the sitcoms I watched growing up. Whenever they hit an anniversary they would replay greatest moments from their storied pasts. You would see Michael J. Fox cry as his drunk uncle played by Tom Hanks died. You would relive Balki comically mispronounce a word to Cousin Larry’s embarrassment. You would reminisce the countless times Arnold would ask, “What you talking about (fill in the blank)?”  Now let’s return to yesteryear and look at great moments in Pablo Chiste history.

Most Popular Post –  Excuse Me But Something Green Is Dripping Off The Side Of Your Face

At first glance this makes no sense. This is one of my earlier and weakest attempts at writing short fiction, but over 1,500 people have read this story. Why? Try googling avocado trees under images and see which page pops up first. Perhaps I would get more traffic on here if I dedicated this site exclusively to avocado farming.

Post With The Most Comments – Jar Jar Binks: The Movie

Seven hundred million in ticket sales would guarantee a lot of qualified opinions on the movie Avatar. But with Alice In Wonderland (a movie I have not yet seen) also in 3-D breaking records, one must wonder if they put a piece of dog caca on screen for three hours in three dimensions if that would make money too.

Post That Received The Most (as in any) Outside Media Attention-  The Critic Strikes Back or Criticizing A Critic Part II

Twitter feeds were abuzz with enemies of former LA Weekly film critic, Scott Foundas, attempt to snipe back at me. This proved the way to get attention on the internet is through negativity. Well, either that or posting photographs of avocado trees.

Now what do you have to look forward to in the next 100 posts? Here’s a sneak preview of some of  the stories we’re slaving to break open for you.

Don’t Flush

Consuming bodily fluids is a new craze sweeping the nation. How are major restaurant chains taking advantage of this new health fad?


We will recount history’s ten greatest acid trips starting with George W. Bush’s lost weekend.


Why did people stop yelling this when jumping from high distances?

As always comments are appreciated. What would you like to see Pablo Chiste expose?

3 thoughts on “100th Posting Extravaganza

  1. Thanks for the mammaries. And, congrats on reaching your milestone. Looking forward to whats next. Even if its the unavoidable “Jumping the Shark” episodes.

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