A Lukewarm Review Of Hot Tub Time Machine

It sounded genius. A brand new movie that would relive the experience of staying up late at night to watch a dirty movie on Cinemax. Any child of the eighties who grew up with cable watched these movies with one hope… to catch a glimpse of boobies.  W’e’d chuckle at the one liners and physical comedy lifted from Mad Magazine, but the main attraction were the nipples.

And yes Hot Tub Time Machine does show a few sets of boobies, but in the movie’s first five minutes you also get fecal matter and urine splatter. In separate scenes.

Hot Tub Time Machine starts out so great with eighties music blasting over still photos of people enjoying hot tubs during the opening credits. Then you meet a familiar group of four losers that have gotten older and more pathetic as this decade of male bonding gross out movies progressed. They were high school students in American Pie. Road Trip showed them in college. Dirty in their thirties in The Hangover and now firmly above 40. In 2013 expect Nursing Home Panty Raid to come out starring Ed Asner, Wilfred Brimley, Gary Coleman, and Milton Berle’s corpse.

After twenty minutes we finally get to 1986 and it seems like Hot Tub Time Machine will start clicking. Silly clothes, ski slopes, scantily clad women, and the couple funny jokes that were in the trailer. But instead of trying to come up with funny situations to throw the characters into they rely on pop culture references and lazy improvisation to get the laughs. Some would say the movie pays homage to Back to the Future by using the same special effect of a character slowly vanishing if their parents don’t get it on. I say it’s plagiarism.

But perhaps the most depressing aspect of this occasionally amusing movie is the appearance of Chevy Chase. Fletch, what happened to you? You were once so young and full of life. Now it looks like you have trouble walking and might have to play an invalid in Nursing Home Panty Raid.

5 thoughts on “A Lukewarm Review Of Hot Tub Time Machine

  1. Best part of the movie was the guys next to us singing along with the score. And when the projector went out and you yelled “Ho-ot Tu-u-u-u-b” for the twenty-sixth time…that was priceless.

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