Moving Inventory

The first apartment I moved into was like the Batcave. Not just because it was damp and musty. You see, Batman collected tokens from his various adventures. Just like the Caped Crusader every item I kept had a story behind it worthy of a twelve cent comic book. That hat I bought in New Mexico from my drive west.  The poster signed by Frank Black. The lei the French girl I lusted after brought back from Hawaii for me.

As I’m moving yet again I’m shaking my head at the junk I’ve got. This is what I’m shlumping across from place to place? Is it time to burn it all down and start over? Feel free to make offers to buy any of these items.

1) One Acoustic/Electric Guitar – I’ve toyed with the idea of smashing it as a metaphor for my lost youth, but I think it’s got a couple more songs stored in it. 

2) Two boxes of comic books.

3) One box of books and a DVD (Finding Rin Tin Tin).

4) One TV stand.

5) One TV which is outdated as all broadcasts are now digital, but still works with a DVD player and an old school Nintendo.

6) Too many cds and a little cd player (Why do my newer CDs skip while the first CD I ever bought, Led Zeppelin I, back in 1993  plays flawlessly? And I bought it used, so it could be 20 years old!)

7) Two tennis racquets.

8   Two boxes of mementos. Photographs, old writings, old film reels, old newspaper articles I wrote.

9) One unhatched dinosaur egg.

10) Three suitcases.

11) Enough clothes to fill three suitcases.

12) A sleeping bag.

13) An air mattress.

14) A futon and bed frame that would be uselful to any sadists out there.

15) A laptop computer.

16) Me (although I’m strongly considering leaving that behind).


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