Respect Your Elders — A Short Story

Respect Your Elders


David Rolland

“Turn it down. Loud music keeps the unicorns away.”

Ray agreed to drive  to the woods with his neighbor, Sonny. Sonny was an acid casualty, his brain was fried with wild anecdotes. When you got him drinking you’d hear about the time he served as middleman towards a heroin deal with the Grateful Dead or when he went to India and learned how to levitate.

Yesterday after downing a second shot of black label whiskey, Sonny boasted he knew a place where there was a unicorn. Ray called him out on it.  The next morning at nine am there was a loud knock on Ray’s door. Ray answered it to see Sonny demanding, “Get ready, man. They’re only out in the daytime.”

Work was scarce and so were Ray’s plans for the day, so they got in his truck and off they went. Sonny gave directions which Ray followed. They reached a fork in the road. Ray asked “Which way?”

Sonny answered “Left.” without opening his eyes. Ray knew he was on the wildest of goose chases.

Still it was a beautiful day. The air was crisp and the leaves fell in a poetic rhythm. It was better then waiting by the phone to see if any of the companies he sent an application to would call him back for an interview.

“Pull over.” Sonny commanded. They were at a vista overlooking a wild forest. “This is where she took my car.”


“The unicorn. I was a lot younger then and more trusting. Now I know to never leave my keys in the ignition.”

Ray laughed. This was a story. When he got older and reached Sonny’s age would snarky kids believe that he spent a September Thursday unicorn hunting? After a moment Ray got bored and turned on the stereo.

“Turn it down. Loud music keeps the unicorns away.”

Ray abided and they waited in silence. He ate a sandwich that Sonny packed and they smoked some of Sonny’s dope and the hours passed and passed. “We should go back.”

“No, this is the magic hour. This is the time when things happen.”

Sure enough not five minutes later there was a noise from the brush.  Fifty yards away from the car was a giant beast. It walked upright reaching ten feet tall. It was a brown hue with fur covering its entire body. A thousand thoughts went into Ray’s mind from what the hell to Sonny’s setting me up to Oh My God that’s Bigfoot! None of these words could make it out of his mouth. And then the creature let out a yell. Higher pitched than one would expect from a beast that large, but the intimidation factor was what you’d expect. Then it turned around and went down whatever path it came from.

After sitting in stunned silence for another couple minutes Ray could finally verbalize a question. “What was that?”

“I don’t know, man, but I’m sorry we didn’t get to see any unicorns.”


4 thoughts on “Respect Your Elders — A Short Story

    • You demand a lot out of your stories, don’t you Muhammad? You got impatient with Aesop only giving you one moral at a time?

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