Pablo Chiste’s Policy Change

One of the inherent problems about writing about yourself is that you are writing about yourself. You have the tendency to make yourself into the hero or at the very least not the bumbling schmuck. You edit out the true moments of humiliation and provide proper motive for every dastardly act. As objective as you might believe yourself to be, you are nonetheless the definition of being subjective for you are the subject.

When you are writing about other people it is likelier to be neutral. You can describe things the way you see them and get as close to the absolute truth as humanity is allowed to be. The only problem is people are sensitive.

I too have tried to be sensitive. I have tried to portray people that have guest starred in my anecdotes in a favorable light or at least in a manner that will not shame their family. If a person is drunk I mention they are drunk, but I make certain to leave out the part where they soil themselves.

Unless it is part of a key punchline.

But I have been called a douche for the last time and now a policy change will be instilled at Unless you have stated you want the immortality that comes with being namedropped or you are part of the public domain or you think the internet is a KGB interrogation device you will receive a pseudonym.

I hope you’re happy now, Ms. Lohan.


One thought on “Pablo Chiste’s Policy Change

  1. I always liked it in novels when people would put Mr. X or Ms. Y…it made it seem like these were real stories being told that could get the writer in trouble! Sorry you found some trouble of your own. Keep writing!

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