Get Him To Get Him To The Greek

I expected the worst from this comedy. I’m not a fan of the Judd Apatow school of humor where you throw the same unfunny performers in different situations and expect them to improvise their way into hilarity. Get Him To The Greek began with my least favorite member of the Apatow troupe, Jonah Hill, taking orders from an actor who’s even less funny, Puff Daddy. For a guy who once called himself Puffy, Puff Daddy and P. Diddy he’s remarkably stiff and self-conscious, which are terrible traits for an actor to possess.

Fortunately the title of the movie is Get Him To The Greek and the “him” is Russell Brand who is as limber and unselfconscious as they come.  Jonah Hill is assigned the job to escort  this Lothario of a rock star  to Los Angeles’ Greek Theater for a career reviving concert. This is more difficult then it seems as Brand only wants to party.

I assumed this would be a traditional Apatow comedy where straight laced Hill would teach Brand about responsibility and true monogamous love. But the movie does something crazy midway through. Hill who’s heartbroken over his girlfriend becomes the wild one. He fills his face with drugs, booze, and flesh and Brand becomes the straight man. After the success of The Hangover it seems much of America is in agreement  that unabashed hedonism is very funny and this movie takes full advantage of the R rating.

Who really surprised me was Jonah Hill. He’s either a brilliant, brilliant actor or I worry seriously about his health and fate. There were times I truly feared he would suffer a heart attack on screen. I suppose great artists are willing to die over their art and if that’s the case Hill needs to stay away from portraying imbibers. The man looks like he’s another cocktail and medium rare steak from joining John Belushi, Chris Farley, and John Candy in the great lounge in the sky. If his agent doesn’t find him a couple roles as a yoga instructor or health food store employee he might not be aroound for Get Him To The Fillmore.

3 thoughts on “Get Him To Get Him To The Greek

  1. Jonah Hill, not one of my favorites. Haven’t liked many of the movies he has done, except for the movies where he did bit parts and honestly the movie would have been better without him in those bit parts. I felt last years Funny People was a message to Hollywood that people are getting a little bit tired of this particular actor, throw in Seth Rogen for good measure. Even having Adam Sandler in the film didn’t keep it afloat (although after Zohan I think he’s lucky he even had a part to play in 2009). Glad to see Sandler will be breaking ties with Hill and Rogen for Grown Ups this summer and getting back to what makes him a funny person in the first place.

    But if Jonah Hill OD’ed tomorrow, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. In comparison to the guys you mentioned, Candy, Belushi, even Farley, Hill doesn’t hold a candle to any of them and shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence with them. That’s like hanging a poster of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus between posters of Aerosmith and Queen in a Legends Museum (which I have seen by the way down at Disney World in Florida and I was tempted to rip the stupid thing off the wall). Those guys were legends, Jonah Hill isn’t even good enough to watch Legends of the Fall.

    As far as this movie, what were you thinking going to see it anyway???

    • What’s all this talk of Jonah Hill? The movies isn’t out yet and I hear Megan Fox is great in it.

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