R.I.P. Manute Bol

Manute Bol

I don’t want this to be a website dedicated to obituaries, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t pay tribute to the basketball player, Manute Bol, who died last Saturday. Manute was seven feet seven inches of solid skin and bone. He was so tall he could dunk a basketball while standing flat footed.

He was a specialist. He averaged more blocks per game than points his rookie year, but he once hit six three pointers in a single game. He looked too frail to hurt a fly, but he once killed a lion with a spear and when he was placed in a celebrity boxing match against Refrigerator Perry he more then held his own. When the meanest player in the NBA, Anthony Mason, disrespected Manute, Manute threw a punch. It didn’t come close to hitting Mason. I’m certain anyone else would have gotten clobbered, but Manute’s attempt at violence inspired only a laugh from the broad shouldered bully.

Manute’s great height and narrow physique brought out all the one liners. Woody Allen once said Manute doesn’t get on a plane for road trips. They just fax him to the next city.

But I come here not to mock Manute, I come to salute a kindred spirit. I have never killed a lion, but back in the early nineties I too was tall and skinny (although with a much lighter complexion). As I played basketball I would block anything that came my way on the Key Biscayne courts, but I lacked the grace to be known as Hakeem or the skill to be called David (Robinson). No, instead they called me Manute, shot blocker extraordinaire.


One thought on “R.I.P. Manute Bol

  1. Hey Manute – You should google Robert Ludlow or The Alton Giant. A nine foot sucker who died of an infected blister on his foot. He could have covered you.

    footnote: he live near…..Granite!

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