Noir Noir Noir

Here’s an out of context excerpt of something I’m working on…

Lori’s back. She was the one. We grew up together. She was the girl who’d climb up to the highest branch of the tree with me. Then she grew up, got curves, and I found my way in them. But I want to jail and she never did visit me or maybe I never let her see me. I forget. But now she’s back. She’s dancing at the club ten miles down the interstate.

“What are you doing with that guy?” I asked her.

“Long story.”

“You were smart it would have a quick ending.”

“Why? So I can get with you?”

“Yeah.” She brought it up so, “Yeah. Why not? We’re meant for each other.”

“Maybe. But I’d like to think I wasn’t made for a guy who makes the same mistakes over and over.”

She’d changed. There was something different about her. But maybe she was wrong and it was me that changed.

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