Happy Happy Joy Joy

My hand is free! No more casts, no more splints. Just fresh air for my right hand. It might look like when you would rub glue on your hand in art class, so you could peel it all off, but who’s complaining? In  no particular order here are the things I am most excited about (assuming naively that I will eventually have full use of my right hand).

1) Swimming. It could be in an ocean, a lake, a pool, or a bath tub. I just want to get that hand wet.

2) When someone tries to shake my hand I will no longer awkwardly have to steer them to my left hand. Is my doctor mocking me when he keeps greeting me with an outstretched right hand?

3) Strum a sad cowboy song on my guitar.

4) Strum a sappy love song on my guitar.

5) No longer having to answer the question, “What happened to your arm?”.

6) Shuffle and deal the cards. It helps relieve the stress from by poor poker skills.

7) Shoot a goddamn basketball. I refuse to let this injury stop me from being the missing link who provides clutch shooting and in your face defense on the 2011 NBA champion Miami Heat.

8 ) Gesture with my hands as I talk.

9) Twiddle my thumbs.

10) Play rock, paper, scissors with the option of picking any of the three instead of always having to be paper.


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