Play by Play Blogging

On this Sunday, September 26 at 8 pm Eastern Time 5 pm Pacific I will be live blogging on during the Miami Dolphin/New York Jets football game.

What is live blogging you might ask? What it entails is that I and other authoritative voices in the football blogging community will type comments that you can then read in real time to enhance your enjoyment of the game and fulfill that multitasking gene dominant in your DNA.

Some might call this technological overkill. But perhaps they said the same when broadcasters voices were included in the airing of all sporting contests. “I can see for my damn self what happened. Why do I need that dang blasted Al Michaels asking me if I believe in miracles?” But then when you do watch a game on mute there are times where you are confused by why a penalty was called or who caught that last pass. I am hoping my snide comments will fill that same hollow part in you that then later when you watch a game without them you will feel something is missing.

    My fractured personality is debating by whom my commentary will be influenced by this Sunday. Shall I go the anarchic route and have my touchstones be Beavis and Butthead asking questions like which head coach has bigger breasts? (Do not worry feminists, both teams are coached by obese men.) Or shall I be the Sartre of bloggers and try to find the existential meaning in why a team would go for the delayed satisfaction of receiving the ball in the second half rather than the instant gratification of starting with the ball in the first half? Tune in on Sunday 8 pm Eastern/ 5 pm Pacific on to find out.


2 thoughts on “Play by Play Blogging

  1. Well, at least it’s the NFL and we won’t have to read about your comparisons of the ACC and SEC, like these idiots on TV ALWAYS do. I will be so glad when the SEC sucks, just so they can go on to something else!

    • They’d have to pay me big bucks to talk about the ACC, SEC or any sports related acronym that doesn’t start with N. I’ll never understand why college football and basketball is such a phenomenon. Isn’t it a bit like watching minor league baseball?

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