Why Los Angeles Shouldn’t Get a Football Team

It has been fifteen years since the Raiders moved to Oakland and the Rams to St. Louis leaving Los Angeles without a professional football team.On every level it is ridiculous that LA, the nation’s second largest city, is not represented with a franchise in the National Football League.

During this time the City of Angels has proven itself fiscally able to enrich two baseball teams, two major college football programs, one NBA team and the LA Clippers. It seems a no brainer that if they planted a football team in Southern California it would be one of the hottest tickets in town and would draw much more revenue from merchandise, sponsors, and ticket sales than po-duck towns like Jacksonville or Charlotte. But perhaps the owners that profit from the NFL’s fortunes have purer motivations than greed.

For Los Angeles is a unique city. No one is from here. Some move to LA from Philadelphia, others from El Salvador. There’s the Armenians and the Ethiopians and the Chicagoans. They all come here with a dream. Sure, the dream gets stomped on, but before they get a chance to dust off the shoeprints twenty other immigrants from far away lands like Thailand or Boston have crossed the city’s borders.

No place represents LA’s eclecticism like a sports bar on a Sunday. You have your Giants fans and your Eagles fans. You have the Cholo in the Raiders hat and the mountain man with a Broncos jersey. It’s the United Nations with Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap.

If LA had a football team all this variety would vanish.  

The great aspect of this for native Angelenos is growing up without a football team gives them the freedom of choice. I am stuck with the Dolphins and all the frustrations they provide because I was raised in Miami. But a child born in LA can root for them because he likes the  aqua hues of their uniform or they can support the Buffalo Bills because they are self-loathing or they can root for the New York Jets because there is darkness in their hearts.

Some cherish sports because of the unity it can bring a community. I for one, prefer the dysfunctions that stem from diversity.

Note: Just a reminder I am writing about the NFL and more specifically the Miami Dolphins throughout the football season on http://blogblitz.nfl.com/miami-dolphins.


3 thoughts on “Why Los Angeles Shouldn’t Get a Football Team

  1. You would be right, but for one thing. The rest of the US needs to be able to chant “beat LA” at least once or twice a year while watching the NFL. They get to in every other sport. I love LA. I also really love the “beat LA” chant because while every city seems to care enough about LA to hate it, we Angelenos don’t give a f*&%. Without a football team, I can’t see the seething jealousy of our great city from the fans from the other cities I forgot the name of. The “beat LA” chant is the greatest in sports history and the greatest sport in America is missing the chant because LA has no team. Hell I will go to a Clippers v Lakers game this year just so I can chant it in recognition that I am jealous of myself. I did not read this rant, so please excuse grammatical mistakes and general repetitiveness.

  2. Funny, the day you posted this, I was talking to someone at work about the fact that Los Angeles NEEDS a football team, and how I can’t believe they still don’t have one. Of course, that person went on to say teams don’t stick around very long in L.A. anyway. I guess she’s not much a NBA, MLB, NHL fan I suppose because those L.A. based teams have been their for years!

    However, I can relate to this whole ambiguous fandom thingy. Largely because Anderson falls smack dab in the middle of both Charlotte and Atlanta. Interestingly enough, you can draw a straight line from Anderson to L.A. on a map of the U.S. too, just FYI for a Jeopardy game one day.

    But there’s no real allegiances here either because you have a bunch of Falcons and Panthers fans, but then a lot of people move here from other places too. You have Pittsburgh fans (those Brenchaks, geez lol), San Fran fans, Dolphins, Bills fans now (thanks to Spiller from Clemson going up there [yawn!]), people from all over chant other teams slogans, logos and mantras because Anderson isn’t really affiliate with anyone.

    So I can see your point, but at the same time, the 2nd largest city in the U.S. should HAVE a football team. Sorry, have to disagree. Maybe Jacksonville is headed that way!

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