Eyes Are Everywhere

I saw this flyer on my car’s windshield from a block away. All the cars on the block of the residential street in Hollywood had the same paper on their front hood. Instead of a take-out menu or an advertisement about car repair I read this doozy….

Reward Up to $20,000

For information leading to the verification of the alleged extramarital relationship between Christopher L. Day, head Of Corporate Communications of United Talent Agency and Mrs. Rebecca Regnier; especially any evidence regarding any activities underlying the alleged extramarital affair between Christopher L. Day and Rebecca Regnier which may have caused the irretrievable breakdown of Mrs. Rebecca Reginier’s marriage. Information evidencing the verification of the alleged extramarital affair may include, but is not limited to, any information linking Christopher L. Day and rebecca Regnier such as: a) photographs; b) eyewitnesses; c) video footage; d) United Talent Agency event guest lists;  e) United Talent Agency security sign in sheets; f) airline manifests. Any information, as insignificant as it may seem, could be vital to this investigation and could be worth a reward amount of up to $20,000.

Anyone with information regarding the alleged extramarital affair can provide information confidentially by contacting the law offices of Trope and Trope at (562) 282-3307 regarding California Superior Court Case # 10D 004 435 In re Marriage of Friedman.


One thought on “Eyes Are Everywhere

  1. Sucks to be them! Hell hath no fury like a husband scorned, in this case.

    But hey, for 20K, I’d turn them in!:)

    Those two would fair better out running a hord of zombies, in 3 feet of snow during a hail storm than what some Angelinos are going to pull, I guarantee it! At least you know where zombies stand.

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