Pablo Chiste Is Relocating

Yes, the rumors are true. After a long stint in California, Pablo Chiste Enterprises is making the move South and East. It is following the cross country trek of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper where after making a big score in Los Angeles they headed for the tropical environs of Miami, Florida. Hopefully it will turn out better for me then it did for those long haired hippies. I don’t know if my constitution can handle being shot at by rednecks. 

I left Miami for California at the turn of the century hair flowing through the wind, a boy filled with dreams and ambitions.  I don’t know what exactly I was looking for when I came out here, but there were several times I was very close to finding it. And now I am fulfilling the hero’s journey returning to the place where I was reared. Just like Luke Skywalker I can go home a man. Complete with back pains.

The Golden State has been kind to me. I have made some great friends and formidable enemies. It will be sad to think the redwoods and so many fine vegan eateries will be so far away. But I will embrace the change while soaking in the warm waters of my youth. The old will become new as the new grew old.

On my journey back through the heartland of America I am unsure whether I wil have time to update this page. But be certain when I get situated Pablo Chiste will be back with a vengeance.

If you are bored with the alternatives on the information superhighway and long for the charming ways of Pablo Chiste please click on any of the categories or months on the right of this page. You will find a plethora of postings for your perusal.  If I may be so bold to suggest where you should get started, click on my favorite short story titled aptly, Florida.

As the great Stan Lee would say…  Excelsior!


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