Chilly Willy


Winter is about to rear its ugly head. In South Florida the cold weather has already come. Just this week the temperature at midday was below seventy. People were getting out their parkas, fur coats, and ski caps making sure they were prepared for the elements. I heard a lady the other day worrying that her heat worked because at night we might reach the forties.

Weathermen love this. They get to bring in alternate vocabulary like cold front and wind chill factor and make up new phrases like, “Freeze Watch 2010”. It gives people in the community something to talk about like this conversation I overheard, “Bro,it’s cold.”

“Yeah, I hear it’s supposed to last until Sunday.”

“And then what happens?”

“I don’t know. I guess it gets warmer.”

To be fair other parts of the country can be whiners when it gets to be summertime. The news broadcasters act like they’re reporting nuclear war when a slight drizzle comes from the sky. Northeasterners might be the worst. The slightest bit of heat or humidity and New Yorkers will act like they’re in the Sahara. They’ll talk about how Al Gore is right and something must be done about global warming at least until they winter in Miami and find themselves sitting next to people on the beach dressed in eskimo outfits.


One thought on “Chilly Willy

  1. My wife and I went to Disney World back in 2009 and got a taste of the temperature variation between South Carolina and Florida during the early Spring. It was March, Spring Break for me from school, and we just wanted to get away for a week. No kids yet, just footloose and fancy free.

    We left our home in a drizzle, 20 MPH winds and 45 degree temperatures. Leslie was all dressed up for cold weather as a result, but I was smart. I hopped in the truck with a t-shirt, gym shorts and flip flops on. I was mildly frozen while loading my car, but I knew that once we went down to I-95 and passed Savannah, the temperature would change dramatically. By the time we reached Jacksonville, it was 90 degrees and Leslie was practically stripping in the car the whole way down, which didn’t bother me at all.

    But ask my family, I’m a cold weather freak. I love the cold air this time of year and ran some of my best times in Cross Country during high school in colder weather. Only thing I hate in the cold is the wind somtimes, but other than that…LOVE IT!!!

    But I do have to say, typically at this time of year from my own accounts, this has been a rather chilly December. I’m actually worried about my power bill for a change and not because of all the Christmas lights…but from the heat constantly running. Having temps in the 60’s in December, to me, seems a little unseasonably cool for even Florida this time of year, which leads me to believe either we’ve just got a big cold front coming down from Canada and this will all pass making it unseasonably warmer in January or it will be The Day After Tomorrow come January. I know, a bit extreme, but could be a cold, cold winter if things stay as they are. I personally believe, from the track record of my life, it’s gonna get back warmer again real soon.

    I would love to see one white Christmas in my lifetime though, but might have to go up north for that.

    And my feelings on Global Warming…must not be too big of a deal. They still sell gas and hybrids still suck.

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