A lot of people question the concept of love at first sight, but no one doubts the idea that you can loathe someone right away. There are those people who for a variety of reasons you take an immediate disliking to. I’m not talking about the universal hatred you have for a people with a particular skin color, nationality, religion or species. I’m not even talking about hating the jerk who drove into your car and took off without leaving a note. At least that person committed some act which forced your hatred. I’m talking about people who look just like you who have never done anything against you and you know right away they are the scum of the earth.

I agree in theory with the hippies about loving everybody, but then I’ll get trapped in a room with a complete stranger who might or might not be a hippy and I want to climb out the window. What causes this sensation? Are there evil spirits possessing these  objects of disaffection and you’re sensing those spirits? Are evil spirits possessing me, inspiring hatred where there should be indifference?

I know you feel better when not carrying hate in your heart, especially toward a stranger. But the worst part of this negative energy is that first impression is usually right.


One thought on “Haterade

  1. You know how animals can seem to sense things before they happen, particularly ominous things? Well, human beings have that ability too, to detect things that just seem out of sorts with the rest of the environment around them. I think we typically try to rationalize those feelings as something unimportant or just flight of fancy, as in the case of getting a bad vibe from a complete stranger.


    Some people just flat put out negative energy because they too are negative people. For whatever reason, you can just tell. But as you said, there’s no rhyme or reason to the look, dress, mannerisms, of people we react to like that. Sometimes they can be politicians, but that only seems natural. I can only equate it to the sensation an animal gets when they know something dangerous is approaching or near. They just haven’t evolved enough to resist expressing themselves about such urges as human beings have.

    My mother gets feelings like this ALL THE TIME! Scares the crap out of us when she does, because it usually means something terrible is about to happen. For instance, she recently got a “bad feeling” the week leading up to us finding out the sex of our next child-to-be, little Charlie. Yes, we’re having a boy! She thought at first it was something pertaining to the baby, and elected not to tell us about her feeling. As it is, we’re already on pins and needles as parents worrying that our child is healthy, and don’t need bad feelings mixing in. Turns out, it was more related to her this time and the fact they are having to replace their heat pump in their house. A lovely 5400 price tag associated with it. As soon as she heard this, the bad feeling went away. So that was more specific to her in that case.

    The worst one though corresponded to September 11, 2001. She had been having a very, VERY ominous, horrificly bad feeling in the weeks leading up to 9/11. At one point she was in our swimming pool staring up at the sky, incessantly. I finally asked her, “Why do you keep looking at the sky, Mom?” Now, mind you, this was several weeks before 9/11. She replied, “Do you think a plane could ever hit our house?” I asked what kind of plane? Like a Cessna? She said, “No, a big plane, like a jumbo jet.” Now, I tried to rationalize this with her believing that with the speed a plane like that would travel at, unless it came straight down on top of our home, I doubt it would make a perfect, dead hit on our house. But honestly, I wasn’t an avionics engineer, so what did I know? But the day of the attacks, my mom and dad were about to start their morning walk, when my mom froze in place at the end of their drive way. My dad stopped and looked back at her. He said she had this look of pure horror on her face and had turned somewhat pale, which prompted him of course to ask if she was all right, then he said, “Should we go walking this morning?” My mom insisted that they go ahead with their walk, but the feeling NEVER went away. Until she turned on the TV and saw the first plane had hit, then the feeling was gone.

    So maybe George Lucas is right and their is an overarching “Force” in the universe that binds us and holds the universe together, and only those connected enough with that universe can sense when trouble is near, in particularly a complete stranger we know nothing about. Be mindful, Pablo, the force is always with you…

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