I always thought it would be a great reality show to kidnap a person, drop them off some place random and that person would have to find their way home. I suppose to make it more entertaining you would need to empty that person’s pockets and make sure all the cameras are hidden or else the contestant would probably attack the camera crew until he got needed resources and information. Those are minor details and not ones I’m particularly concerned with since I probably would not watch such a show. But I would like to be the star of the show.

I always find it interesting to be stranded somewhere and have to find a way out. Somehow so far I’ve always managed to make it to safety and I feel I should challenge myself in this respect (Please do not take this as an agreement that you can kidnap me and strand me somewhere. (Unless there is a cash prize at the end of my journey.)).

Last full moon I found myself in a minor predicament. I had a bicycle and it was only about sixty blocks I needed to travel, so it was not a television worthy scenario, but I did my best to make my road more difficult. The night was crisp and pretty and with the sky lit up by the moon I thought I’d bike along the beach. Just a few days earlier I had biked along a boardwalk which I assumed went the length of Miami Beach. I got to the beach and saw no wooden or paved path, but the sand was packed hard  enough that I could keep momentum on the bike. I felt free and imagined myself biking not on the residential beaches of Miami Beach but cutting through the Sahara.

The moon and the apartment buildings to my right lit the path well enough that I could see and I didn’t have to worry about a car brushing against me. But eventually the brush of the sea grape trees narrowed the path until I had to walk the bike. Then I got the heebie jeebies that homeless people lived in this brush and might try to attack me and steal my bike and my virginity.

So I burrowed through the brush to the beach. I tried to ride on the sand, but I could not get any traction. I had cycled too far to go back to the street and I kept figuring at some point I would see more asphalt, but it was about a mile before I found a public pathway. And then I biked to my destination safely. In hindsight this show sounds terribly boring. We will have to add werewolves and zombies.


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