The Fine Art of Selling Out

It’s been some time since anyone in a prominent position felt guilty for taking money. I came of age in the nineties though when artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers had conflicted thoughts over making money from their craft. The most famous voice of that era killed himself because he thought  his music was losing its authenticity. Kurt Cobain’s suicide note was the cry of a man who would rather die than profit off being a phony. And now in an ironic twist the linked website based around his suicide letter carries banner ads.

This website you are staring at is a labor of love, or if I were to be perfectly honest a labor of boredom. I enjoy writing and it gives me an outlet where I can be free to share my outermost demons with an audience. I had schemes in the beginning in how I could perhaps make money from this, but like many of my best laid plans I have not followed through. For the last year advertisers have been asking if they could pay me to promote their goods or services on my website. My ethics and the low rate they were willing to pay have made refusing these temptations quite easy.

Recently, however, I have been offered better rates and the promise the advertisements would not make the site less aesthetically pleasing. So from time to time you might now notice a posting signifying it was from a sponsor (such as the previous post). I am trying to figure out a way for readers to easily differentiate advertisements from the gospel according to me. Currently the only way to spot the words inspired by commerce is to check the category of the posting. If it says advertisement, that’s what it is.

I promise I will refuse to post ads from companies I find disgusting such as fast food corporations, pharmaceutical companies, or campaigns for bad movies. Instead they will probably focus on things I approve of such as gambling, prostitution, and hard drugs. I will try my best to make it obvious what is an ad and what is an honest and goodness Pablo Chiste posting.

If I do lose readers due to my capitalistic tendencies I fully understand and bear you no ill will. For I remember a young Pablo Chiste forswearing MC Hammer when he put out the Hammertime cartoon.


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