A Valentine To All You Lovers Out There

What a wonderful thing it is to be in love. Don’t get me wrong, sex is great too. But while those two minutes of intense pleasure can feel wonderful, if you engage in it with the wrong person you cam feel hollow afterwards. Or even worse it can lead to urination becoming an awfully painful experience.

But love, love you never feel dirty afterwards. Well unless you fell in love with your neighbor’s wife or your best friend’s girl who used to be yours. But still it gives you a reason to have a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your belly. Plus you get away with calling someone ridiculous names.

“How was my little snooky wookie’s day?”

“It was so good. How was yours, my pretty peach cobbler?”

“Even better now that I have you in my arms, Rumplestiltskin.”

If you called someone such names that just kind of liked you, or was a mild acquaintence or even an absolute stranger, you might find yourself in a tight spot. But when you’re in love such pet names are encouraged.

When you’re in love everything is better. The bad don’t seem so bad and the routine has a tinge of beuaty to it. Even a routine trip to the grocery store can be a wonderful experience.

“Should we get some tomatoes, my mushy wushy kushy.”

“The tomatoes are mushy? No, don’t get them.”

“No, you’re my mushy wushy kushy.”

“I’m mushy? But I’ve been going to the gym.”

“And your muscles are so big my mushy wushy kushy.”

“Oh, we’re doing that name thing. I love you too my pretty witty porcupine.”


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