Perhaps Rock And Roll Is Not Dead

Well, to put it bluntly we goofed. If we could afford an editor at we would delete the previous post. We would also fix the multitude of typos and factual errors (I would also probably be out of a job if she was in charge of weeding out uninteresting commentary).

In the previous posting I claimed rock and roll was dead. This has proven to be false, backed up by famed musicologist, Tab Bedeian. Mr. Bedeian has scoured the musical archives of Austin, Texas to find a band that proves the heart of rock and roll is still beating, however faintly it might be.

Not much is known about this band which has many different names, although now known as The Billionaires. There are many rumors. Some say they are cross dressing banditos, others that they are dot com tycoons. They are most probably not time travelling cavemen, but one can never be sure.

If you can find further proof of the continued existence of rock and roll please feel free to distribute links in the comment section, by e-mail or even via the old message in a bottle route.

And now ladies and gentlemen without further ado click on the picture below to hear…. The Billionaires.


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