To Travel So Far

It was a beautiful morning. The sky and sea were the same brilliant blue color with the ocean a smooth glass tabletop. I ran barefoot on the beach when a college age couple unaware of the runners protocol interrupted my pace. They asked me to take a photograph of them. I was young then, so not so grumpy when being inconvenienced.

I took their camera. They smiled and said cheese. This was in the era before digital cameras, so I have no proof of the photograph’s quality, but I’m quite certain if this couple had split up since then whoever gained possession of the photo still looks at it to this day to remember happier times.

They began telling me their story behind their drug store sunglasses. They drove all night to get to this Florida beach. I asked where they came from.


Even though we were at the same location I was envious of them. They were at their destination while I had to keep running.


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