Leap Year – A Short Story

He woke up, ate his cereal, and watched the news.

He laughed when the newscaster said we could expect the biggest storm of 2012 this weekend. That schmuck with the puffy hair forgot what year it was.

But then on the way to work he saw a stranded newspaper on the bus. He picked it up and read about the recession and the gridlock in congress and then he noticed the date on the front page, 2012.

He entered the office and tried to concentrate on work, but felt he was missing something. His distraction was noticeable as one of his colleagues asked if everything was OK.

“Yeah, but could you help me out.? I forgot today’s date.”

The colleague told him the day and month. He felt foolish but still asked, “And the year?”


He was friendly with his colleague, but not friends, so he did not question the accuracy of this claim. But later during happy hour he was amongst friends and asked again, “What year is it?”


“That’s impossible. It was 2011 yesterday. How can it be 2012 today?”

“I know what you mean. The time keeps flying faster and faster.”

“I’m not trying to be deep. Seriously, I don’t remember the past year. If it’s 2012 why can’t I remember New Year’s Eve.”

“Because you were drunk. Jamie had the party at her house.”

“That was last year.”

“The part before midnight was, but after the champagne came out it was 2012.” His face showed his distraught and so his friend tried his best to comfort him. “What’s the difference? 2011, 2012, they’re just numbers.”

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