One Piece Or Two?

The bikini dominates the beach. At one point there was a more even ratio between the one and two piece bathing suits, but now there is no contest. My inner voyeur enjoys as much exposed flesh as possible, but there is a certain subtle elegance to the one piece that has been forsaken.

Fortunately, for fashion aficionados one piece bathing suits are making a return to the sandy plateaus of Miami Beach. While my friends who are marooned up North speak fondly of this time of year as women reveal skimpier outfits at the onset of spring, Miami Beach takes this phenomenon to another level. As summer like temperatures hit the beach European and South American tourists coupled with the local exotic dancers  take off their tops revealing one pieces that all lechers can enjoy.

I am dreading a new fashion craze that will undoubtedly take off in the coming years. As the numbers of men bouncing around the beach chasing their kadima balls in nothing but a well placed thong multiply, there is only a matter of time before the male bikini is offered for sale. Give those man boobs some support, protect that chest hair from bleaching in the sun with a brand new Brokini.


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