Rev Up The Search Engine

A marketing research team has been doing a study on trying to figure out what is drawing the masses to this website, They’ve been deciphering the search engine results trying to figure out which terms people were typing into Google that led them  here.

Some of the words or phrases were obvious. If you type in Pablo Chiste or David Rolland the results won’t be surprising. Other terms also make sense. Since I’ve frequently been writing about the Miami Heat basketball team, if you write in various players names coupled with a descriptive adjective you might find yourself here such as by typing in, “Cro-Magnon coach Erik Spoelstra”.

Also since I named the site Searching For A Perfect Pun and I mention pop culture topics people often type in Iron Man pun or Black Swan pun and find themselves without funny jokes to recite to co-workers.

But then there are the exotic, off-beat, and just plain peculiar phrases that people type in and lead them to Pablo Chiste. Below I present a top ten list  of strangest phrases that have brought people here. All of the words are in English because neither my Hebrew nor my Arabic is strong enough to decipher the foreign squiggles.

 For those of you that typed in these words and did not find the information you were looking for I apologize for the inconvenience. I know these terms are a lot more interesting than anything I’m writing about, but I hope the nanoseconds you spent here were enjoyable.

10) George Bush on cocaine

9) 40s wrestling girls

8 ) Vidal Sassoon dress code

7) sexy robot

6) the time machine nipple

5) video games are for pussies

4) how to get away with wearing dirty clothes

3) asian bearded lady 

2) incest stories between friends

1) James Franco penis


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