Photo Finish

Just as my parents’ generation get nostalgic when they see black and white photographs and I am fonder of seeing old photos with their colors faded than I am of those with the glossy matte finish, will the next generation grow weepy eyed from seeing any photograph at all?

More photographs are being snapped today than at any time in human history. If the Native Americans were correct with their philosophies about cameras, we are all now soulless.

 But less and less of these photographs ever get developed. They remain digital storage to be transferred on to Facebook and e-mailed in a Kodak e-gallery where we are invited to look at the pics, but will digital mementos ever be stumbled upon like a box of dusty photographs?

 I suppose you might be cleaning out your e-mail inbox or computer hard drive as you would a closet, but are the odds good that will inspire you to reexamine your past?

Just as it no longer requires a special occasion to bring out your camera, it will require that much more initiative to relive your trip to the mall on a summer Tuesday. Not that an ordinary day captures the past eras any less than a wedding or birthday party. 

Alright, I admit it. I’m just bitter that with the instant gratification of digital photography, pranksters can no longer walk by a group taking a photo and stick up bunny ears behind unknowing models and not get caught until the far future when the photos are processed.


3 thoughts on “Photo Finish

  1. Where did you find that pic, my friend?

    That was probably the one thing about Back to the Future 2 that no one at that time really thought about…the advent of digital media and everyone on earth having their own personal camera phone, ala James Bondish style. But they did have flying cars, which as of 2011 it’s very doubtful we’ll see even one of those by 2015, much less society in general using them. Although the cars themselves do have similarities to the styles depicted in BTTF 2, but they definitely don’t fly…unless you drive them off a cliff.

    I actually dug out a box full of pics from when my wife and I were first dating a few weeks back. I was alarmed at the amount of weight I had put on since that time, which highly motivated me to doing Weight Watchers as a result. A lot had changed in just under 10 years since the pictures were taken, number one being the camera we had used back then. It didn’t even have a screen to review what you had taken, just a perfectly normal, usable 35 mm Fuji camera.

    Since about 2004, however, we haven’t printed any of our “rolls” in mass quantity of all our pics, just printing stuff as we see fit to display it. Even now with digital picture frames, you still don’t have to print a picture, if you’re willing to make ALL your picture frames digital and we aren’t at the moment. But you can also display them bigger than life on your flat screen TV, Blu-Ray player or Nintendo Wii.

    My question is though, is this what happened to the societies before recorded history began in Egypt and Mesopotamia? Did they go so digital that when they completely fell there was nothing left to recover, like Atlantis? The earth has been here so long it’s hard to imagine that our society was the only one ever to have existed, so it makes you wonder is that the same road we’re headed down and what can we do to change that inevitable fate? I know I sound like a Fringe episode, but it does make you wonder…

    Maybe one day we’ll find one image of someone from that society to set the record straight…

    • Like most of the pictures on this site I just scour the internet for something that fits the post. You can do the same for any of the photos on my site. Just point the cursor at the photo and right click and you’ll be able to “save picture as” whatever you like. I suppose that’s one thing you can’t do with non-digitalized photographs.

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