I Heard Remoras Sing

More dogs have bitten me than ever followed me home. For long periods of time I was convinced my spirit animal was a mosquito as not too many other members of the animal kingdom have been  keen towards me. But then I met the remora.

I was swimming in the ocean. A couple massive sting rays swam past me. Next thing I knew a six inch needle of a fish was following me around. The remora has a suction cup atop his head which he uses to suck himself to a bigger fish like a shark or a sting ray or perhaps even me. I swam far and it kept spitting distance from my toes. I would clap and wave at it, but it would not leave my vicinity. He kept smiling and swimming at a slow enough pace, so it would not lose me.

Eventually I returned to shore where my kindred spirit could follow me no more. What a shame that my spirit animal and I come from different worlds. I suppose it could have been worse. I could have fallen in love with a mermaid.


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