The Passion Of The Mel — The Hangover Part 2

There’s not much to really comment on The Hangover Part 2. If you liked the first one, you’ll like the second one. It’s the exact same movie except the guy getting married is different, the guy who’s missing is different, the setting is in Thailand rather than Las Vegas, instead of a tiger there’s a monkey,and instead of a missing tooth a finger is missing. There’s collective amnesia, small penises, prostitutes and men jumping out of confined spaces ready to kill. You’ll laugh especially if you haven’t seen the first one since it came out in the theaters and the jokes are lost in the deep recesses of your own mind.

What’s most fascinating about the movie was that Mel Gibson was originally supposed to be in it until star Zach Galifanakis got on his high horse and refused to allow him in the movie. It seems a bit hypocritical that a movie that features a convicted rapist in Mike Tyson and a liberal use of the word “nigger” to disallow Mel from the festivities just because he thinks Jews are hooknosed devils who killed Jesus.  If at any point the filmmakers could have gotten Gibson to call a female cop, “Sugartits” it would have brought the house down.

Throughout the movie I was distracted by the missing elephant in the room. Who was Mel Gibson supposed to be? One of the guys at the bachelor party? Was he supposed to take over the Mike Tyson role from the first movie and be the dangerous celebrity whose pet was stolen? Would they have made him play the disapproving father of the bride who was a closeted Nazi?

It was Mel Gibson’s birthright to have been in The Hangover Part 2. He is a godfather of the genre. His Lethal Weapon quartet were one of the first Bromance movies that The Hangover is influenced by. Hugs that last a little too long, women not given anything interesting to say, and the ever present aura of homoeroticism. Political correctness should not have excluded him. If people were always kicked out of exclusive clubs for saying offensive things Dick Cheney wouldn’t have been allowed in the White House, the NBA would be without Kobe Bryant, and I would not be allowed to write on the internet.

5 thoughts on “The Passion Of The Mel — The Hangover Part 2

  1. I liked the first Hangover. I did not like the 2nd Hangover. It did not have Mel (who I believe was supposed to be the tattoo guy instead of Nick Cassavetes) nor did it have Heather Graham. Like those 3D movies that call for wearing those annoying glasses to “inhance” my viewing pleasure I believe this movie was designed to only be enjoyed while completely hammered. Much like the inebriate sitting directly behind me in the theater. Watching this movie gives the exact feeling one gets after an all night bender. Hungover and feeling miserable.

    • I have noticed more theaters especially high end ones are now serving alcohol. With 3-D movies not doing as well as they have the previous year perhaps a couple shots of whiskey can add dimensions to movies that special glasses and weak screenplays did not. (EVen though I still say Hangover 2 is the exact same movie as Hangover 1),

  2. There must have been something they could have done with these characters so enjoyable in the first film other than simply force them into the exact same situation. Shame director Todd Phillips used that for Due Date. Maybe they all have to bust Phil out of a Turkish prison in some sort of comic variation on Return to Paradise. Maybe you send them to freaking space.

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