The Ballad Of The Lonely Cowpoke – A Short Story

“I set you up with a beautiful girl.”

“You sure did. She was pretty as a picture.”

“Doesn’t she have a great sense of humor?”

“If she put out a comedy album I would listen to it once, maybe even twice.”

“She’s nurturing and interesting.”

“When I walked her to her car a baby bird fell from the tree. She picked it up and built it a nest. That bird would have died without her.”

“That’s nothing, she built an orphanage with her bare hands in Peru.”

“When she dies the Church will name her a saint.”

“I don’t think they’ll wait until she dies. She probably even laughed at all your corny jokes.”

“I never felt so funny in my life.”

“So why the hell did you just tell me you’re not going to ask her out on a second date?”

“She don’t like cowboy songs.”

“Oh. Sorry, I wouldn’t have set you two up if I knew that.”


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