Was Stanley Kubrick The Man On The Moon?

One of the more interesting facets of studying history are when unexpected historical events and figures meet. Another is the uncovering of conspiracies. When J.D. Salinger died a couple years ago it was fascinating to learn that as a young veteran he had a written correspondence with Ernest Hemingway. Now imagine if the purpose of their pen pal relationship was to plan the atomic bomb and you have something as outlandish and interesting as the You Tube video posted at the bottom.

This video in its various parts supposes that not only the footage of the Apollo moon landings were faked, but that the master director Stanley Kubrick was the one who filmed these outtakes. The Pentagon chose Kubrick because they were so impressed by how he mimicked a bomber in Dr. Strangelove without access to an actual plane. The fact that he was able to replicate a military machine only through the use of photographs, made the brass think he was the man for the job. His science fiction movie 2001 which came out in 1968, the year before the moon landing, was released to not only allow Kubrick to prepare technologies that would make motion and landscapes in space believable, but also to get audiences in the mindset of what space should look like.

The video then goes on to explain how all of Kubrick’s later movies with The Shining in particular were made to express his desire to let out the secret. Although the narrator at times relishes in coincidence, there are enough coincidences that make you wonder if this could all be true. And if it is which newspaper headline would loom larger, “Moon Landing” or “Moon Landing Faked”? 


2 thoughts on “Was Stanley Kubrick The Man On The Moon?

  1. If we went to the moon in the B&W TV 60’s, then how come nobody’s gone back since?

    When it came time to fix the Hubble telescope, it was a huge deal for people to use space suits. Yet somehow people were driving golf carts around the moon?

    Hopefully these issues will be addressed in the new Transformers.

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