Ponce de Leon And Key Biscayne

Juan Ponce de Leon walked the same island that I do. He is one of the oddest of all historic figures. Not many characters in the annals of time could be the star of a fantasy movie like Juanito.

 Benjamin Franklin did not travel to alternate dimensions when his kite was struck by electricity. John F. Kennedy never held diplomatic meetings with extraterrestrials, but Ponce de Leon searched the seven seas for a magical elixir from the Fountain of Youth.

During one of his adventures Ponce de Leon stumbled upon the island of Key Biscayne.  It was the year 1521 and as he explored the island he was attacked by natives. The European crew survived the attack and were able to place Key Biscayne on maps. According to historical records Key Biscayne was a stop for European explorers to stock up on fresh water. This is a curious record for I also have explored most inches of the island and except for a few sink taps have yet to find a source for fresh water. There is the brackish water that the mangroves reside in which I for one would not drink.

Even odder from the historical records of Ponce de Leon’s visit to Key Biscayne was that while they did not find the fountain of youth, they were able to capture and kill much wildlife including 14 seals.

Seals in the Caribbean? That sounds much stranger than any potion that would provide eternal youth.


2 thoughts on “Ponce de Leon And Key Biscayne

  1. Just another sure sign of Global Warming to all those Democrats.lol

    Or they ventured in through a wormhole in the area that linked up with a time during the last Ice Age.

    Funny, I never even saw this brought up in Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides.

    Maybe there were actually Sea Otters?

  2. They were confusing manatees for mermaids back then, so anything is possible.

    But the reason I believe the records to be accurate is that there also used to be bear and deer on Key Biscayne all of which have long ago been killed off.

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