The Famous Pablo Chiste

I was in a room recently with about six strangers and one friend. All the men were in their late twenties or thirties and the one girl was about 15.  Because the girl looked bored my friend said to her, “You know there is someone famous in the room?”

Her eyes lit up as she looked at the rest of the room’s inhabitants. “Who?” To be fair I too was excited that I was in the proximity of a celebetante. That guy with the connecting eyebrows looked like he had the potential to have been on The Real World.

I was disappointed when my friend nodded in my direction. “That over there is Pablo Chiste.”

“Really?”   The girl asked.

Since she did not ask whether I really was famous or why I would be in the room sharing oxygen with plebeians I responded with an untelling, “yeah” and left the subject.

Moments later for some reason the conversation turned to the movie Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure. This time the girl expressed her ignorance. One of the men was outraged. “How have you never heard of that movie? It is a classic.”

She answered concisely with a wisdom beyond her years. “I’d never heard of Pablo Chiste until a couple minutes ago either.”

Again I did not correct her that I was not famous. But neither did anyone else in the room. Perhaps the other strangers actually thought I, or rather Pablo Chiste, was famous, and if that was the case and they have now searched the internet for information about me I welcome them to the site. If not I find it interesting that in order to be considered famous (or at least be at the same level of fame as an early Keanu Reeves movie) all one needs is a third party to state that they are famous. Is this how publicists have stayed in business all these years?


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