Pablo Chiste Is Awesome

What up everybody, this is Luis Refresca and I just want you all to know how awesome is. When I answered the ad in Craig’s List for the unpaid internship position I thought it would suck, but I love it here. I learn a lot and sometimes they even let me eat some of the food in the refrigerator.

They give me a lot of responsibilities like taking out the trash at the end of the day and making sure all the bills get paid. They even made me part owner of the company. When they didn’t have enough money to pay their utility bills they told me if I paid it I would become a shareholder in the company. So now is even more important to me.

I want to thank Pablo Chiste for giving me the opportunity to share my appreciation with the whole wide world on the world wide web that this spectacular website caters to. It means a lot to me that you trust me to run the website while you’re in Oregon. I’m going to write something really awesome on six hour energy drink. Maybe for my next post I’ll write about six hour energy drinks while I drink a six hour energy drink. This is what I love about Pablo Chiste. They open my eyes on playing with words. Thanks a lot again. is the best!!!!!!!

And I’m not writing any of this at all because they have the power to give me a grade at the end of the summer. I’d read this stuff even if it wasn’t part of my grade. Peace out,



3 thoughts on “Pablo Chiste Is Awesome

  1. Please ignore the previous comment. It’s not from the real Luis Refresca (or at least not the one enabled to post on this blog).

    I am currently awaiting a reply from my Computer Studies T.A. on how to remove unwanted comments from a WordPress blog.

    Please do not post fake comments or appropriate other people’s names, as this diverts time from working on this blog and creates confusion in our community.


    p.s. I know you were joking, fake “Luis” but I don’t want anything to happen that will affect my internship.

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