Pablo Chiste Sucks Sweaty Balls

Hey, Pablo Chiste, you suck. I just got an internship at Univision, so I don’t have to put up with your BS anymore. But I’m such a good guy that even though I’m leaving I’ll still write that post I promised you while you’re cruising the gay bars in Oregon.

My first day working for Pablo Chiste we met at a Starbucks. He told me he set up headquarters there so he could observe the human condition. Then when the barista told us if we didn’t buy something, we’d have to leave, he made up some baloney about how if we purchased something we would no longer be unbiased observers.

So the next week we set up shop at the public library. I kept asking him, “Bro, you got anything I can do?” He’d yell at me for breaking his concentration in trying to find nude pics of that chick from the Green Lantern movie. Then he’d talk about what we should get for lunch. He’d send me around town to get him these crap vegan sandwiches. Guess what, jerkoff, that was real mayo in that sandwich and that bacon wasn’t made from tofu. That was bacon made from pig, you dumbass.

And man, what’s with all your complaining about the Miami Heat? It’s not the coach’s fault. They just suck and no one sucks worse than LeBron James except for you!!!!!!!!

And just so you all know, he made me write that last post. He told me to write something when he was gone and when I said I didn’t have any ideas, he told me to write about how awesome this website is. When I told him that would be a really short column, he started yelling at me and told me he’d fail me if I didn’t write it. Guess what butthead, I don’t need your grade any more. The only one you’re failing now is yourself. Later,



2 thoughts on “Pablo Chiste Sucks Sweaty Balls

  1. This is the funniest thing I’ve ever read!lol

    You da man, Luis!

    But did he ever find those pics of the Green Lantern chick??? Just asking.

    All this post serves to prove is that you are, in fact, a Pablo Whore.lmao

    Can’t wait for your next post on this

  2. After reading your last post, Luis, I can now identify a little bit more with Jesus. Judas and his kiss had nothing on you. To think I trusted you with my website and, yes, with a little piece of my heart. Then he stomps all over it like that.

    It will take years of counseling for me to get over such a betrayal. I really thought we had something special. I thought I had found a sidekick, but now I understand why that old desperado called himself the Lone Ranger, Even though Tonto might be around for the good times, the Lone Ranger was smart enough to know he couldn’t trust anyone to see his real face.

    But you know what, Mr. Luis Refresca, with your high and mighty Univision internship, you might have bent me, but you did not break me. I will find my sidekick.

    Now that I am rested and relaxed from my trip to the great Pacific Northwest I have put another posting on Craig’s List to find your replacement. This time I will have a more careful screening process. I will run background checks and ask for a list of references. Pablo Chiste will get his Tonto, but this time he will keep the mask on.

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