Further Proof The Western World Is A Matriarchy – Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love has one of those sweet romantic comedy endings where the man lays it all on the line for his soul mate. If you take a date to this movie and you do not get laid afterwards there is absolutely no hope for you. This movie plays every note correctly, so as long as you say you enjoyed it afterwards and agree that Steve Carrell really learned his lesson, you will be able to replace that condom that has been sitting in your wallet unused.  

Those of you that choose to see the movie by yourself can rue the fact that romantic comedies have made long term relationships in the twenty-first century completely impossible. This genre has gotten the idea in women’s heads that men should not only be sensitive, but also constantly striving to earn their true love’s heart. If a man relaxes for one second than he is unworthy.

In Crazy, Stupid Love, Steve Carrell plays a good and decent husband and father. But because he has allowed the relationship to get boring and predictable his wife, played by Julianne Moore, cheats on him and asks for a divorce. It is somehow the man who has been cuckolded’s responsibility to earn her love back. Along the way he learns from Ryan Gosling (who strangely keeps calling his penis a shvartze which anyone who had a Jewish grandmother would know is Yiddish for a Black person) how to be a player. Along the way both men learn the ultimate lesson of all romantic comedies, that bedding numerous beautiful women is unfulfilling. 

The movie has its amusing  moments, but those chuckles are hardly worth the unrealistic expectations movies of this ilk have placed on men. Not only are we to have unlimited funds and six-pack abs, but apparently we are supposed to be patient and forgiving too while the womenfolk work the selfishness out of their system. They throw a line in the movie that men won the battle of the sexes, but movies such as this coupled with the euthanasia of millions of baby girls in Asia and the conversion of our industrial economy into a service based one have clearly tipped the scales toward women and… What is that, honey? No, I’m just finishing writing that review for the movie I took you to… Of course I’m telling them that I liked it… I mean I loved it… OK, I’m logging out and headed to bed now.


9 thoughts on “Further Proof The Western World Is A Matriarchy – Crazy, Stupid, Love

  1. I think you’re expecting too much from one lighthearted, “crazy, sexy” film. It’s excellent entertainment; it does not also have to change men, women, society, and the world. If it “plays every note correctly” (and I agree) as you say, that’s quite enough. Nice, funny first paragraph…

  2. First of all I don’t really get why you have to critize this movie the way you do. In my opinion its only purpose is to entertain and not to change the world… So on that I absolutely agree with Gabriel M. And secondly I think Ryan Gosling doesn’t say shvartze but Schwanz which is a rather vulgar expression for penis in german. (Which by the way makes far more sense than your translation…)

  3. I had this feeling too when I watched it. It looks as if the wife is free of blame for being the one who actually cheated first. In the end, it is the guy who goes all out in order to earn his chance at redemption while the wife did almost nothing at all. Of course, a light entertaining movie like this should not be perceived in such a serious point of view, but if stories like these keep on propagating throughout society, it is only a matter of time before the baseline started shifting. Relationships requires commitment, there is simply no excuse to end it or cheat in it just because it got boring. If you can’t take feelings like this, don’t get married in the first place.

  4. I dont like the Reviwers inherent misogyny
    Ps women have to have 6 packs Abs! Well actually WORSE
    Women have to get under knife , live if you call it thus, on LETTUCE to please the ever so choosy , a hell of a lot RICHER balding male througout History
    huys like this make me sick, and he certainly only gets to slip his long unused condom on women with birdbrain enough to let him fuck her!

  5. It just so happens that I saw this movie while I am reading “Marry him” by Lori Gottlieb. The book exhorts successful career women to be less picky about men. I had no idea it was that crazy out there. (I have been married for 47 years, what the H do I know)

    The reasons the Juliane Moore character gives for wanting a divorce are totally vague and flimsy. You feel like shaking her and telling her to grow up already.

    I partly blame the psychology industry, with its endless insistence on ‘individuation” and harping on self esteem. Let’s hope the present economic crisis will force some common sense into people.

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