Is It Hot Here Or Is It Just Me?

It is hot. So hot and so humid with the only relief being that every afternoon it rains. The humidity overpowers all forcing the sky to expunge the moisture it has collected along with excess bolts of electricity.

It has been like this every summer since man first began draining the swamps and inhabited Florida. But still people act as if the brutal weather patterns are something new.

“Bro, it’s hot.” they say as sweat stains the back of their shirts. Some state that the summers of today are much harsher than those summers of their youth. This has some credence as I remember playing basketball on the unforgiving concrete in midday during summer vacations whereas now I would not consider facing the oppressive outdoors until five in the afternoon.

All my Republican readers are turning off their computers way too early believing this is turning into a global warming diatribe.  For although I do believe our burning of fossil fuels is having severe consequences on the air we breathe, I’m not sure if it isn’t hubris to think mankind is significant enough to change a planet’s weather. Besides it is not like Al Gore isn’t blasting the air conditioning when the Tennessee summer hits its peak. 

No, I don’t think the weather is getting hotter, rather we are getting softer. Driving instead of walking or biking, blasting the AC rather than opening a window. Working indoors rather than plowing the fields made us all forgot that August was, is, and always will be pretty dang hot. At least until the afternoon thunderstorm.


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