You May Now Kiss The Groom

There are a couple things that bother me about gay and lesbian marriage. To be more precise my concern is more about gay engagements. Which of the two partners is supposed to pop the question? Could both parties go years waiting for the other person to ask to take their hand in marriage or is this discussed when the relationship starts getting more serious? “Look, I’m not ready to get married yet, but it we do cross that bridge I’m going to be the one doing the asking.”  

Of greater importance is who gets to wear the diamond ring? Is the person who is proposed to the beneficiary or could the proposer have ulterior motives for asking to love and cherish another person for the rest of their life in that they really wants to wear a fabulous piece of jewelry?

But gays and lesbians ready to take the dive into marriage should really read the fine print. For as the news has reported that many states are now allowing same sex marriages, I have heard not a peep about the law allowing same sex divorces.


2 thoughts on “You May Now Kiss The Groom

  1. Every state that allows gay marriage also allows gay divorce, you shmuck!

    The complications arise when (1) a state suddenly disallows gay marriage (e.g. California), or (2) when a gay couple that is married in one state allowing gay marriage seeks divorce in another state that doesn’t recognize gay marriage (either because they have moved or because they were never residents of the state they were married in).

    • Are you sure every state allows it? I’d think it would be the right wing’s revenge. You want to get married? Well, now you got to stay married.

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