Highbrow Jersey Shore – Tabloid

Documentaries were once the highest of highbrow affairs intended to enlighten and educate. Audiences tuned in to PBS after unwinding from a sordid wine and cheese party to see footage of wars in Algeria or profiles of nihilists. But this snootiest of genres of film has loosened up over the last few years. Documentaries have embraced their descendant, reality television, and serve us as  modern day freak shows.

When our forefathers attended PT Barnum’s freak shows they were forced to have the Elephant Man and the bearded lady stare back at them when they gawked. Today audiences can watch all kind of fruitcakes from the safety of their living rooms.

Errol Morris, one of the masters of the craft of documentary filmmaking, previously mined the world of nutcases in Mr. Death. That 1999 movie showed off Fred Leuchter, a megalomaniac who was an engineer of execution devices, who later  published a report that there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz. The movie exploited Leucthner’s desire for attention, but also provoked questions about death, murder, and capital punishment.

Morris’s latest documentary, Tabloid, also features a publicity hungry protagonist in Joyce McKinney. McKinney in the 1970s became a star of the British press when she was accused of  kidnapping a Mormon love interest and keeping him in shackles for several days. She was arrested for this crime and when on bail managed to escape the continent by disguising herself as a deaf-mute. Thirty years later she found fame again when she funded the cloning of her beloved dog.

It is the type of story with insane twists and turns that deserves to be made into a movie. But I would feel more comfortable seeing an actress play this character rather than the real woman  trying to rationalize the crazy things she is accused of doing. The movie frames itself with a comedic tone, so you can’t help but laugh when they edit the film so McKinney is caught making what seem to be contradictory statements. But you will feel a little guilty afterwards for doing it.

If the movie was trying to make a larger point I would be more forgiving of it showering attention on this woman. But as fas as I could tell Tabloid’s only reason for being is to serve as an entertainment.  While it does drag at times, Tabloid does succeed thoroughly as an entertainment. But you know what else is entertaining? Watching a crack addict walk around in circles talking to himself.


8 thoughts on “Highbrow Jersey Shore – Tabloid

  1. NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE: You are to remove any and all false and libelous statements slandering Joyce McKinney, as well as the unflattering photograph which you have used without her consent and with NO modeling release. Moreover, she is NOT crazy and you slander her by saying that. YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN MET HER! Moreover, she is not under psychiatric care and unless you have a PhD in Psychology, you have libeled her by saying that and will be required to PROVE your LIE in a court of law as she is going to SUE you for slander as well as Errol Morris, whose crew pretended to be doing a TV interview for Showtime about “Paparazzi and how it destroys privacy”. While the deceptive Morris interviews her for the non existent TV series, his sleazy cronies ransacked her private luggage, stole her family photograph album, a valuable memorabilia collection, her famlly home movies, two film treatments, private pictures of her family and her beloved dogs and a valuable memorabilia collection which Penthouse magazine had offered several million dollars for which she turned down because she was raised in a Christian home and wanted nothing to do with a magazine with nudity in it. Moreover, she felt Penthouse magazine was not the proper forum for her cult rescue story. And, if she had know what the disgusting Errol Morris was up too, she would NEVER have given him the interview. It is creeps like you that REPEAT his slander that makes it hard on her. But make no mistake about it, it IS her intention to sue you (and others like you) for Slander and Libel and she has obrained an internet attorney and private investigator to get your full name and internet address in order to serve her legal action against you. In addition she is going to serve you with a subpoenae in her saldner action agint Mroris and his producers distrubtros and edtor responsible for “Tabloid”. You will be called to witess in THAT court case as “An example of a writer who truly helped Erool MOIRrs spread slander and defamtory material about Joyce McKinney” –aldner that was meant to cause her emitonal trauma. GEt YOUR SUIT PReSSED WE WILL SEE YOU IN COURT! (1) There are NO “contradictory statements” by Joyce McKinney in the entire film. She tells the ENTIRE TRUTH and has in fact passed a lie detector test on her factual statements. The actual LIARS are Erroll Morris’ tabloid nuts, who he actualy PAID to LIE on her. Are you aware that Morris and his “producers” used Tabloid Tactics themselves, and that his “informants ” were actually PAID? Some documentartian! (2) Her TRUE story is NOT a comedy (even though Morris’ dishonest editing and phot alteration of her stolen photos makes it appear that way). Joyce’s TRUE story is a tragic love story about a woman’s fiance who vanished before their wedding into a cult, and how when she tried to rescue him, she was victimized by the Mormon PR machine who used their media connections to spread false stories to discredit her via the tabloids, who would have printed anything to sell papers, –and idiotic writers who followed —at an innocent woman’s expense for 35 years! The false PRESS HOAX is then repeated by Errol Morris, who is then sued for a counterfeit Joyce McKinney story in a FICTIONAL film called “TABLOID”, whihc then causes dishonest corrupt writers to repeat the libelous material with Reckless Disregard for TRUTH, who then get sued for SLander and Libel themselves. That, you jerk, is the real “log line”. LIke we said before, remove your slander, or WE SEE YOU IN COURT IN A SLANDER ACTION! (You will still be called to court –along with your false and libelous article–as an example of unscupulous gossip spreading LIARS who repeated slander in Morris’ R rated film and who helped spread Mormon sourced slander without regard for the impact and emotional trauma it causes Miss McKinney. And you will be asked in court about your connections with the Mormon cult, and Errol Morris. And you wIll pay both punitive and compensatory damages to Joyce McKinney for the LIES you printed without one bit of independant research into the facts.) (3) You were too lazy to even call England to find out what she was arrested for! (For your information, Joyce McKinney was a clean living moral girl from a Christian family. She was a virgin when she met her Mormon fiance. She was never arrested for rape, and she never kidnapped anyone, nor was she convicted of rape or anything as she would be in jail.) Have you always been this stupid and this big a LIAR? (It is nuts like you and Morris that have taken a beautiful intelligent cultured woman (who ran for MISS USA) and through MALICIOUS LIES, tried to make her into a “freak”. But I think when you see how she is A PITBULL in court, you might realize just how WRONG you were. Hope you have a big bank account as you are going to be paying out BIG BUCKS to her for slandering her! And we have the PROOF OF YOUR SLANDER IN PRINT. Like we said, get your suit pressed, we’ll see you in court. (Don’t forget to go see the feature movie of her story–which UNLIKE MORRIS’ perverted celluloid catastrophe, will be the TRUE Joyce McKinney story. Actresses in Hollywood are fighting to play her. She WILL continue her battle to fight to clear her name, in spite of exploiters like Morris, the tabloids…and abusive unkind slander-mongers like YOU!

  2. Before you slander a person or their friends who (unlike you) actually KNOW Joyce, you had better make sure you have a degree in psychiatry or psychology, otherwise you are going to look bad when she sues you for slander in court. (PS Errol Morris is already being sued for millions.)

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