The Meaning Behind The Words

I have been hired to write a new screenplay, so I have locked myself in front of the computer. Most of the time I am playing solitaire, but eventually I get a few words typed on to the screen.

Like everyone else with a deadline in the not jaw dropping immediate future, I spend a lot of time procrastinating. I grab some food. I floss my teeth. I pace around.

I have returned to my previous technique of not shaving until I have finished the screenplay. My beard is getting full and hairy. The purpose behind this is that I will look in the mirror and see the beard and be reminded of my failure to complete said task. Unfortunately, this has not worked as I often times do not recognize the man in my reflection and confuse him for a panhandler begging for some change.

Last week to take a break from my procrastinating the love interest and I went to see a movie. It was slim pickings. I wanted to see the new Spy Kids, she didn’t and so we were in a theater watching Horrible Bosses. The previews looked awful, but it had been a big success at the box office and I had heard people say it was funny.

But man it was bad. To say this movie was stupid, would be an insult to stupidity. I can not decide whether this should inspire me. Whatever I write will be better than the feces that the filmmakers behind Horrible Bosses splattered upon the screen.  But what depresses me is that if this movie got made and became a success than the screenplay is the least important part of a movie. Audiences are happy to see famous actors wearing funny wigs and improvising stupid patter. I am now faced with the reality that the quality of my work is utterly meaningless as story, wit, intelligence, and continuity are apparently useless to the movie going public.  Even worse this type of dreck exemplified by Horrible Bosses is contagious and  easily spread to susceptible writers who will then lower the standards of their own work.

But hell, at least I’m getting paid. Now excuse me, I have a very important solitaire game to get back to.


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