Peanut Butter And Jellyfish

The water has been a treacherous place in recent weeks. You can’t get too many strokes in without encountering a transluscent substance. Get your mind out of the gutter, son, I’m not discussing your self-flagellating ways. I’m talking about the abundance of jellyfish chilling off the coast of the warm waters of Miami.

I have been told the jellyfish’s presence is good for the eco-system as the endangered  sea turtle likes to feast on them. Learning this I would not place a bet on the continuation of a species that eats something so toxic.

I’ve only once been stung by the suckers. When I was in high school I was swimming off the shore of Miami Beach when I swam face first into one of them. I couldn’t open my eyes for quite some time. The lifeguard suggested I rub some vinegar on my face. When I got home I did that and a couple hours later it was like nothing happened at all.

But for some reason even though I suffer no scars from the sting years ago, when I see one of theose purple globes lurking in the water I still shriek like a little girl. Once you see one, you see ten and the waters become a tricky gauntlet to navigate to avoid their tentacles.  Somehow so far I’ve managed to avoid being stung by one, but if I keep testing the waters the long arm of the jellyfish will undoubtedly win.


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